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EPISODE #3 | Troy Ellen: Revolutionary Badass

Pronouns: She/Her

Growing up in a predominantly white world, Troy Ellen is often criticized for not being Black enough. By exploring identity through two different characters—first at 13 when she’s forced to play the role of Tituba, the enslaved character in The Crucible, and at 16 when she chooses to play the role of Peaches in Four Women by Nina Simone—Troy Ellen accepts herself for being Black enough just as she is.

Even though I’m dressing the part of a Black revolutionary, I still struggle with the whole “am I Black enough?” question.

Episode Contributors:

Micah (he/him), Host
Troy Ellen (she/her), Storyteller

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about an event or movement in history that deeply resonates with your cultural or racial identity and how it has influenced your life or perspective.

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