Black Stories Matter is TMI Project’s way to participate as an organization in the national outcry of injustice by using true storytelling to speak truth to power and to dismantle the white supremacist systems that hold racism in place. We support and amplify Black voices, share resources, and inspire anti-racist action. We acknowledge the historical predominance of white-centered narratives that permeate the cultural, political, and policy conversations in this country, and seek to elevate the full spectrum of Black experience to its proper place within the realm of American discourse.

Black Stories Matter provides Black-led true storytelling workshops where Black folks can write about, share, and reflect upon their experiences without having to justify, explain, or defend the truth of their lived experiences. The culminating content — written stories, live storytelling performances, videos, and podcasts — is accessible to an all-inclusive audience. We pair our storytelling media with strategic tools to inspire deep introspection, a willingness to transform oneself and take bold action to end systemic racism.

Black Stories Matter supports and is aligned with the mission of Black Lives Matter.

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Erica | #BlackStoriesMatter (2017)

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K.C. Nyabinyere Jallah | Black Trans Stories Matter

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Julian Harris | Black Trans Stories Matter

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Eddie Maisonet | Black Trans Stories Matter

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Jahir Thomas | Black Trans Stories Matter

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KT Kennedy | Black Trans Stories Matter

Before I was introduced to TMI Project I was torn, broken, and felt like damaged goods. To be completely honest, I just wanted to end it all. Today, I live...
In alignment with the Black Lives Matter movement, season two of The TMI Project Story Hour will feature underrepresented stories of the Black experience in America TMI Project is a...
I walk up to the reception desk at Albany Medical and say, “I have COVID.” I do not say, “I think I have COVID,” because at this point I am...
TMI Project’s Black Stories Matter program is a sacred space. Sacred is the only word that comes close to describing how it feels to me. This is in part due...
“Why do I still feel like a fraud? Like I don’t belong. Like I’m not black enough.“ Racism has been a big part of my life, I just never acknowledged...
“The American dream — the dream that makes you believe you can have equality and the same opportunity available to any American — is a nightmare for me because I’m...

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Black Stories Matter is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts
with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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“The Black Stories Matter Drop-in Workshop was like a pressure-valve-release of pent-up rage. I’ve been refocused, renewed, calmer, and less stressed ever since. I had been writing over, under, and around increasing outrage over anti-Black racism.”
– Black Stories Matter Workshop Participant
“Absolutely life-changing. It revealed racism didn’t know I had and I’m grateful for that. The only way across is through!”
– Black Stories Matter Audience Member