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A Note from Cece Suazo, creator of Black Trans Stories Matter

Before I was introduced to TMI Project I was torn, broken, and felt like damaged goods. To be completely honest, I just wanted to end it all. Today, I live with a greater sense of freedom because I learned how to tell my narrative and live in my truth. I was accepted and gained a new family through TMI Project. I feel whole again, stronger, and more confident in my ability to continue life’s journey. I also felt inspired to reach out to others in the TGNC community to let them know there’s so much out there for us.

I am thrilled to partner with TMI Project to help launch Black Trans Stories Matter, a true storytelling workshop that will culminate in a live virtual performance. In the workshop, the TGNC community will have the support they need to pick up the pieces, dust themselves off, and learn to tap into their power and share their truth. In the performance, we will educate the public about what Black trans people go through. 

We will let the world know that BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER! We are human and deserve equality, yet we’re murdered at alarming rates daily. I know that, like me, many people in my community are afraid to go outside for fear of becoming a target of ignorant violence. But, we are warriors and will continue to fight for change, not only for ourselves but for all those who come after us in future generations. 

It is my sincere hope that Black Trans Stories Matter can help us pave the path for our survival; that by the end of the performance, people will have a different outlook on my community and will work with us to create a world in which we can live our truth with freedom and safety.

– Cece Suazo (She/Her)

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  1. BRAVO!!!!

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