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“I’m struck by the lasting impact of the TMI Project on the survivors of domestic violence. They told their once-hidden secrets and felt emancipated by the safety, compassion, and validation from the audience. This power continued to live in the months that followed as they pursued jobs and more opportunities to create the lives they imagined for themselves. They reflected on their TMI Project experience with pride and their hope became infectious.”

Through its Storyline program, TMI Project runs customized workshops and performances for nonprofit organizations, schools, and businesses that harness the power of true storytelling as a communications, fundraising, team and culture-building tool. Our customized storytelling performances and workshops help:
  • Mission-based organizations and for-profit businesses develop impactful, personal, mission-aligned stories from their clients and customers
  • High Schools and Colleges spark critical thinking and positive community dialogue about challenging topics.
TMI Project performances can be booked as a stand-alone event followed by a moderated discussion or Q & A, or paired with a Mini Storytelling Workshop or a One-day Storytelling Workshop. We collaborate with organizations and businesses across the country. Learn how we can assist you in bringing storytelling to your community.

“We’re grateful to TMI Project for creating a space for LGBTQ youth to share their stories so they are seen and heard, ensuring that other LGBTQ young people know that they are not alone. By telling compelling stories of hope and survival, we’re able to inspire LGBTQ youth to thrive, and to encourage people to support The Trevor Project’s mission to end suicide among LGBTQ young people.”


“By not merely acknowledging my deepest insecurities, but also publicly sharing them at the United Nations, of all the places in the world, I began to accept them. I became more open with my mentors and friends and ended up creating an amazing circle of support based on genuine human connection.”
– Momal Mushtaq
“Listening to veterans’ stories is literally a way to consciously share the burden of war with the warriors. I know because through TMI Project, the people in my community listened, and shared the burden of Vietnam with me.”  
– Ray Cocks
“I don’t want the mental illness to rule my life anymore; I want to be free: Free from that which has controlled me. I truly believe that I would have sought help sooner had I heard someone relate a story similar to mine. So I read my story at the performance, and I will continue to read it if people ask me.”  
– Anastasia Wasko

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Harness the power of true storytelling to demonstrate your commitment to a work environment intended for everyone; to impart company culture and values; and for the strategic benefit of your team.

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TMI Project helps craft and amplify stories that intentionally include the “too much information” we usually keep to ourselves. Our storytellers do more than entertain — they speak the unspeakable to replace shame and isolation with connection, freedom, and power — for themselves and those who listen.

“Recently, I was planning an event based around fair housing. I knew the goal but not the means. I reached out to TMI Project and they took my very unorganized ideas and created magic!”

– Robert, Berkshire Hathaway

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 We offer a variety of programs (virtual and in-person): 

  • True storytelling performances 
  • One-time and/or multi-session workshops 
  • Long term partnerships 

Our expertly trained workshop leaders will work with you to: 

  • Sharpen storytelling and public speaking skills 
  • Help groups build trust and understanding 
  • Improve communication 
  • Team and culture building 
  • Facilitate conversations addressing challenging issues 

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of employees and job seekers said diversity was important when considering job offers? 

 “The stories I heard inspired me to be courageous. The compassion and openness in the room burst open the floodgates and I walked away with a greater sense of confidence in my ability to communicate.”
– Myra, Omega Women’s Leadership Institute