Locker Room Talk

The documentary film Locker Room Talk produced in partnership with TMI Project by Hudson Valley’s own Stockade Works, chronicles a group of Kingston High School football players as they participate in a TMI Project memoir writing and storytelling workshop designed to confront a hyper-masculine culture, and redefine what it means to be men.

“Being able to talk to each other about what we’re really going through has made us all closer. It’s also helped to take a lot of stress away. I’ve learned that everyone is going through more than you know. Everyone, whether you can see it or not.”

– Kingston High School participant Chapman Parker (he/him)

TMI Project’s goal for Locker Room Talk and our ongoing collaboration with the nationally-acclaimed violence prevention organization A Call To Men is to inspire more men and boys to access their authentic selves and speak up in the face of violence against women. The #MeToo movement has empowered women to unearth their stories. Both organizations firmly believe that if boys and men also had a space to share, it would allow for a foundational shift in the way they relate to each other and to women.

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