Vicarious Resilience

Vicarious Resilience follows three storytellers over the course of a 10-week TMI Project storytelling workshop presented at The Mental Health Association in Ulster County (MHA). Along the way, the participants experience the transformative power of true storytelling; they face mental illness, childhood neglect and addiction head-on; and ultimately, share deeply personal stories about love, loss, and triumph.

The film and its accompanying materials seek to raise awareness and amplify the voices of those who have inspiring stories about living with mental illness. We aim to provide audiences the opportunity to listen, expand their awareness, and eradicate stigma so all those who are living with mental illness are free to share their truth. Our hope is the film will inspire mental health professionals to incorporate our true storytelling methodology into their group work and private practice.

From 2012-2020, TMI Project offered 16 true storytelling workshops specially tailored to meet the needs of adults with mental illness. We guided over 160 participants to create their stories and provide a platform to amplify them in an effort to destigmatize mental illness, while also empowering participants to imagine and work toward the possibility of their own recovery.

TMI Project continues to provide in-person and online workshops and training for mental health providers and/or clients in the mental health community. Check out our Storyline program for organizations and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

The documentary was shot in partnership with North Guild Films.

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