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EPISODE #9 | Twinkle and Ezra Need You to Get Your White Men

Pronouns: Twinkle (she/her) & Ezra (he/him)

This mother-son episode brings together two powerful performances from Twinkle Burke and Ezra Hubbard that explore what being unapologetically Black means to their interracial family.

“White people seem to gravitate to me for caretaking, instruction, and nurturing regardless of the relationship between us. I’ve begun to really look at all of the spaces and times where I’ve been forced into that role.” – Twinkle Burke
“Am I not Black enough? Am I too Black? Am I too white? I don’t realize I’m doing it but I try to act white and never fall into the Black stereotype.” – Ezra Hubbard

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 9, Season 2 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Black Stories Matter featuring TMI Project storytellers, mother-son duo Twinkle Burke and Ezra Burke. This episode was produced by Hayley Downs and mixed by Marlan Barry. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston. Special thanks to Ida Hakkila, Nate Brogan, Kale Kaposhilin, Jimmy Buff, and North Guild Productions.

Twinkle isn’t a teacher or a nurse, but sometimes she plays one on TV. Because in the acting world, producers and writers like to cast women of color as nurturers: teachers and nurses being the most popular forms.

11-year-old Ezra was playing in the street with his two friends when the cops were called for a “disturbance.” During his questioning, Ezra began to worry about how he’s perceived. He realized that he has a small panic attack every time he sees a police car.

Twinkle and Ezra’s stories were presented as part of TMI Project’s Black Stories Matter true storytelling performance Truth to Power, which was presented at Pointe of Praise Church in Kingston, NY on June 21, 2019.

Episode Contributors:

Eva Tenuto
Hayley Downs
Blake Pfeil
Sara DeRose
Edison Woods
Dara Lurie
Marlan Barry
Lauren Gill
Shantae Howell
Clarissa Marie Ligon
Twinkle Burke
Ezra Hubbard


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