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EPISODE #6 | Tahyira’s Abortion: A Coming of Age Story

Pronouns: She/Her

In a candid conversation with her partner, Tahyira grapples with the realities of an unplanned pregnancy, reflecting on the racial disparities and societal expectations that shape her decisions. While Tahyira has to face many challenges alone, her abortion experience becomes a profound turning point in which she gains confidence, claims independence, and for the first time, feels like a grown woman she can depend on.

There’s people on 16 and Pregnant that give up their baby for adoption and then go back when they’re ready. I’m just saying, we can do this together. We can have a kid and be parents from afar.


Episode Contributors:

Tahyira Cordner-Arias (she/her), Storyteller
Eva Tenuto (she/her), Host

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a moment or experience that marked a profound turning point in your life.

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