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EPISODE #1 | How a Sticker for The Trevor Project Saved Ray’s Life

Pronouns: Ray (he/him), Celeste (he/they)

TMI Project Executive Director Eva Tenuto speaks with Celeste Lecesne, co-founder of The Trevor Project, the first 24 hour suicide lifeline for LGBTQIA+ youth, about the necessity of sharing our stories of survival. Then, we hear from storyteller Ray, who was able to interrupt suicidal ideation thanks to a life-saving call to The Trevor Project.

They said something I will never forget: ‘You are worth more than just this moment.

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 1, Season 4 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Pride Stories featuring Celeste Lecesne and Ray Taylor. This episode was written collaboratively by Eva Tenuto, Blake Pfeil, and Julie Novak, produced and edited by Eva Tenuto, and mixed and mastered by Stevie Manns. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston and sponsored in part by

Celeste Lecesne is an Academy Award winner, writer, actor, storyteller, LGBTQIA+ youth activist, and co-founder of The Trevor Project and The Future Perfect Project.

Ray is a film student who has been filming 12 short films in 12 months, currently working with a screenwriter to create a LGBTQ+ feature film.



Episode Contributors:

Eva Tenuto
Julie Novak
Blake Pfeil
Celeste Lecesne
Ray Taylor

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a sign from the universe that came when you needed it most.

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