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EPISODE #10 | Raine’s Medical Chart Won’t Define Him

Pronouns: He/Him

When a blundering, transphobic endocrinologist treats Raine like a research animal during a routine visit for a prescription hormone refill, he vows never to go back. Now, a medical emergency is forcing Raine to face his fear of doctors and advocate for the care he needs.

It is impossible to contain all of me in a single medical chart, and I dare a doctor to try to tell me otherwise.

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 10, Season 3 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Stories for Choice featuring Raine Grayson. Raine Grayson is a multi-genre writer whose work focuses on uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community.

This episode was produced in partnership with Radio Kingston. It was written by Eva Tenuto and edited, produced, and mixed by Dacia Clay. Our theme song is “Secrets” by Edison Woods. Our Operations and Programs Manager is Blake Pfeil. Our Marketing and Digital Coordinator is Laura Marie Ruocco. Our Administrative Assistant is Elijah Jackson. Our graphic designer is Lauren Gill. Our workshop leaders are Perla Ayora, Seth Branditz, Kiebpoli Calnek, Hayley Downs, Jonathan Gonzalez, Raine Grayson, Erik Harris, Rae Lipkin, Dara Lurie, Julie Novak, Blake Pfeil and Eva Tenuto.


Episode Contributors:

Raine Grayson
Eva Tenuto


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