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EPISODE #7 | Pat & Ralph: Pride Stories from LGBTQ Elders

Pronouns: Pat (she/her), Ralph (he/him)

Pat and Ralph share parallel stories of coming into their identities in a time before rainbow flags and corporate Pride sponsorship. Pat came out as a lesbian in the 1970s, after the Stonewall Rebellion gave her the courage to stage a revolution in her own life. Ralph was born in 1931. He knew he was different from an early age, but didn’t know what that meant until a classmate in his early teens told him boys like them were called fairies.

We’ve seen a lot of change towards LGBTQ people in our lifetimes and old habits die hard, but Stonewall gave me the courage to stage a revolution in my life. And today I am part of a culture that reflects who I am. – Pat
It doesn’t take long for my religious teachings to strip me of my joy and make me feel ashamed for who I. I am a homosexual in 1945. I abandoned religion, and think suicide seems like the best solution. – Ralph

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 7, Season 4 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Pride Stories featuring Ralph Goneau and Pat Meeker. Ralph Goneau (1931-2021) lived in Woodstock, NY. He married his partner of 41 years as soon as same-sex marriage became law in NY.  Pat Meeker participated in TMI Project’s true storytelling performance at the Mental Health Association in Ulster (Kingston, NY) in, 2019.

This episode was written collaboratively by Eva Tenuto, Blake Pfeil, and Julie Novak, produced and edited by Eva Tenuto, mixed and mastered by Stevie Manns. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston and sponsored in part by


Episode Contributors:

Blake Pfeil
Julie Novak
Eva Tenuto
Ralph Goneau
Pat Meeker

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a relationship with an elder that shifted/impacted the course of your life forever.

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