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EPISODE #8 | Markel Mosley

Pronouns: He/Him

When TMI Project storyteller Markel Mosley was a kid, he and his older brother were sent to live with their grandparents because his parents could no longer care for them. Markel explores some painful and some joyful memories from his past through a unique lens in his touching and often funny story.

My grandfather uses the word manish, eats head cheese and makes my brother and I wear dress shirts and suspenders to school. My brother takes his off, I keep mine on.

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 8, Season 1 of The TMI Project Story Hour, Tragedy + Time = Comedy featuring Markel Mosley.

It was produced in partnership with Radio Kingson with production assistance from Ida Hakkila, Nate Brogan, Marlan Barry and Manuel Blas.

Markel wrote and performed his story during a 10-week TMI Project workshop produced in partnership with the Mental Health Association in Ulster County in 2017.

Episode Contributors:

Eva Tenuto (she/her), TMI Project Co-founder, Executive Director, & Podcast Co-host
Micah Blumenthal (he/him), TMI Project Workshop Leader & Podcast Co-host
Hayley Downs (she/her), TMI Project Story Hour Producer, Storyteller
Blake Pfeil (he/him), Operations Manager, TMI Project
Sara DeRose (she/her), External Affairs Director, TMI Project
Markel Mosley (he/him), Storyteller


Storytelling Prompt:

Write a story about something you didn’t appreciate when you were younger that you cherish now.

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