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EPISODE #9 | Kiebpoli & Erik: Black Trans Stories Matter (Season 5 Preview)

Pronouns: Kiebpoli (they/them), Erik (he/him)

Kiebpoli & Erik, hosts of the upcoming Black Trans Stories Matter Season of The TMI Project Podcast, share their Pride Stories.

The one constant is my curiosity. One night, curled in the safety of my warm couch, heart pounding, I Google ‘transgender’ and uncover a whole world I’d never known about. – Kiebpoli
When I go to college, I get a binder. It’s better than nothing, but really it’s like putting a bandaid on a broken bone. – Erik

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 9, Season 4 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Pride Stories featuring Kiebpoli Calnek and Erik Harris.

Kiebpoli has always identified with male and female energies, but it isn’t until they meet a trans man at a queer sex party that they begin to have language to claim their trans identity.

Erik has never been comfortable with his Triple D chest. Finally, a gender affirming surgery allows him to shine like the sun.

Kiebpoli Calnek (they/them), a non-binary queer Black creative, born and raised in Lenapehoking/ New York City, has generated nuanced performances and artistic direction seeped in poetic elements for over two decades.

​​Erik (he/him) is living his best life as a Black, queer, trans man in Richmond, VA. As an aspiring chef, he spends most of his time cooking, both at work and at home. When he isn’t in the kitchen, he is lounging at the James River or playing bass guitar for his cat, Tux.

This episode was written collaboratively by Eva Tenuto, Blake Pfeil, and Julie Novak, produced and edited by Eva Tenuto, mixed and mastered by Stevie Manns. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston and sponsored in part by


Episode Contributors:

Blake Pfeil
Julie Novak
Eva Tenuto
Kiebpoli Calnek
Erik Harris

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a personal metamorphosis.

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