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EPISODE #4 | Katie, Raine, and Tina the Tampon Lady

Pronouns: Katie (she/her), Raine (he/him), Tina (she/her)

Eva talks to Katie, Tina, and Raine to explore the ultimate TMI topic – menstruation. Get a sneak peak into TMI Project’s partnership with the brave students of Kingston High School’s Period Power! Club as they prepare for their upcoming performance and emphasize the challenges faced by those who menstruate, the impact of period poverty, and the urgent need for comprehensive education. 

Period Power! Club is a chapter of PERIOD.ORG.

I want people to know that having a period isn’t something to be ashamed of, and the fact that everybody has different experiences, different stories.
Right now, if you live in the state of Florida, there is a bill… if you are in elementary school, you cannot talk about menstruation, and that ‘period’ word is not acceptable.


Episode Contributors:

Eva Tenuto (she/her), Host
Katie Samedova (she/her), Storyteller
Tina Dierna (she/her), Storyteller
Raine Grayson (he/him), Storyteller

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a memorable experience you have related to period products. It could be the first time you used a specific product or saw a product on a shelf, a humorous incident, or a moment when your choice of period products was influenced by others.

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