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EPISODE #2 | Meet Your Hosts: Julie & Blake’s Gay Agenda

Pronouns: Julie (she/her), Blake (he/him)

TMI Project Executive Director Eva Tenuto passes the mic to the new hosts of Season 4; TMI Project co-founder (and Eva’s wife) Julie Novak and Operations and Programs Manager, Blake Pfeil. Together they reflect on the importance of true storytelling for the LGBTQIA+ community to share their authentic truth, record their history, explore identity, and celebrate queerness!

There were some times along the way that I thought maybe it would’ve just been easier to have been born a boy. I realize now that there are so many benefits of being exactly who I am. – Julie
I come to Jesus four different times at First Presbyterian Church, all the while wrestling with a truth inside my head I know I can’t speak of because if I do, I’m not going to be welcome in this home away from home. – Blake

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 2, Season 4 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Pride Stories featuring Julie Novak and Blake Pfeil. This episode was written collaboratively by Eva Tenuto, Blake Pfeil, and Julie Novak, produced and edited by Eva Tenuto, mixed and mastered by Stevie Manns. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston and sponsored in part by

Since before she was even born, it seems like everyone in Julie’s life has had an opinion on her gender presentation. She is mocked for playing with race cars and toolboxes, and regularly “sir/ma’amed” by strangers. When she gets her first job, it comes with an unexpected perk: a McDonald’s uniform that provides a glimpse of gender euphoria.

As a kid, Blake feels at home in his Presbyterian Church. But as he becomes aware of his sexuality, he realizes not all parts of him are welcome there. He tries to keep his true desires a secret, but eventually his mom discovers what he’s been hiding, which begins a long road to mutual understanding.


Episode Contributors:

Blake Pfeil
Julie Novak
Eva Tenuto

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a time when you realized things weren’t always as they seemed.

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