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EPISODE #2 | Eddie Takes Healing Into His Own Hands

Recounting his journey with mental health, Eddie (he/him) reflects on his time at an in-patient facility which he calls Feelings School. Content warning: This story contains descriptions of suicide and suicidal ideation. Listener discretion is advised.

And so begins the partial hospitalization program for LGBTQ+ people we call Feelings School.

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 2, Season 5 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Black Trans Stories Matter featuring Eddie Maisonet. Eddie is a storyteller, teaching artist and performer based in NYC, born and raised in Boston, MA. He is a queer, trans, disabled, black boricua: identities that create rich material from which to craft stories based on experience. Eddie is also a dog enthusiast, enjoying everything from looking at canines to one day training them professionally. You can find him on Instagram @EddieMStoryteller or

This episode was mixed/mastered by Stevie Manns (they/them) and produced in partnership with Radio Kingston. TMI Project’s Black Trans Stories Matter program was created by Cece Suazo (she/her).

We encourage you to listen in community and utilize this helpful resource:
Black Trans Stories Matter: A Discussion and Action Guide

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Episode Contributors:

Kiebpoli Calnek (they/them), Host, Writer, Editor
Erik Harris (he/him), Host, Writer, Editor
Eddie Maisonet (he/him), Storyteller

Storytelling Prompt:

When have you taken your healing into your own hands?

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