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EPISODE #2 | Betty and Mourka: Surviving the World Before Roe

Pronouns: Betty (she/her), Mourka (she/her)

Betty and Mourka share parallel stories detailing their pre-Roe v. Wade abortion experiences. Though details of their experiences differ, they both agree they are The Lucky Ones to have survived to tell their story. It’s up to us to listen. We won’t go back.

The next morning, I’m not bleeding too badly. I’m gonna make it. Some women die. -Mourka
The doctor climbs the three flights of stairs to my apartment, where he will soon perform an illegal abortion on my kitchen table. -Betty

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 2, Season 3 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Stories for Choice featuring Betty MacDonald and Mourka. Their stories were initially shared in the ensemble piece “The Lucky Ones”, as a part of What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting: True Stories of Slips, Surprises, and Happy Accidents, presented at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, NY on June 29th, 2013.

This episode was produced in partnership with Radio Kingston. It was written by Eva Tenuto and edited, produced, and mixed by Dacia Clay. Our theme song is “Secrets” by Edison Woods. Our Operations and Programs Manager is Blake Pfeil. Our Marketing and Digital Coordinator is Laura Marie Ruocco. Our Administrative Assistant is Elijah Jackson. Our graphic designer is Lauren Gill. Our workshop leaders are Perla Ayora, Seth Branditz, Kiebpoli Calnek, Hayley Downs, Jonathan Gonzalez, Raine Grayson, Erik Harris, Rae Lipkin, Dara Lurie, Julie Novak, Blake Pfeil and Eva Tenuto.

Margarita Meyendorff (Mourka) is an award-winning author of two published books: her memoir entitled DP: Displaced Person and an anthology of 30 short stories entitled Flipping the Bird.

Betty MacDonald is a writer, actor, and artist whose essay “Before Roe v. Wade” appears in the anthology “Get Out of My Crotch!”. Betty reads from her work and hosts other writers and artists on her own Livestream show “Words Carry Us”, from Green Kill in Kingston, NY.


Episode Contributors:

Betty MacDonald
Margarita Meyendorff (Mourka)
Eva Tenuto



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