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EPISODE #6 | Bailey Finds True Strength

Pronouns: She/Her

Before coming out as a transgender woman, Bailey tried to present as the ultimate man. She was a bodybuilder, successful in business, and seemingly had it all. Yet hiding her true self took a toll, and depression threatened her life, until transitioning ultimately saved her.

Transitioning from male to female saves my life. It’s the first thing I do that’s solely for me. Consequently, it’s also the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.

Episode Notes:

This is Episode 6, Season 4 of The TMI Project Story Hour: Pride Stories featuring Bailey Buckles. These days Bailey (she/her) is focusing on endurance running through the mountains and creating adventure with her amazing wife and pack of puppies.

This episode was written collaboratively by Eva Tenuto, Blake Pfeil, and Julie Novak, produced and edited by Eva Tenuto, mixed and mastered by Stevie Manns. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston and sponsored in part by


Episode Contributors:

Blake Pfeil
Julie Novak
Eva Tenuto
Bailey Buckles

Storytelling Prompt:

Write a true story about a transition that saved your life: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or otherwise.

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